9 Must Have Chrome Extensions For Front End Developers.

9 Must Have Chrome Extensions For Front End Developers.

As a front end developer, it's obvious you use chrome but have you ever think of how it can help speed up how you work and build amazing stuffs.

In this post, I'll show you top 9 chrome extensions you should have as a front end developer.

Now let dive in.

1. ColorPick EyeDropper

This is my number one chrome extension which I use almost on a daily basis. With the help of this extension, you can grab colors either from a webpage or an image.

You can get colors in RGB, RGBA, HEX and HSLA format and you can easily copy the color codes via the inbuilt clipboard.

2. WhatFont

By mere looking at the name you should be able to guess what it does. This chrome extension gives you the exact name and details of any font either on a webpage or image.

3. CSS Viewer

This is definitely a must-have for front end developers. This tool give you css properties of any element by just hovering over the element.

4. Keyframes

Keyframes is a powerful chrome extension for creating CSS animations.

With the help of this extension, you don't have to switch between your browser and code editor while creating animations.

5. Screenshots

Taking screenshots made easier. This extension will help you take screenshots either full page or visible content and you can save the screenshots in PDF and PNG format.

6. Imageye

Imageye is yet another superb chrome extension which allows you to download all images available on a webpage. You don't have to save images one by one which will take much of your time, you can simply call Imageye to the rescue.

7. Dimensions

Ever wanted to know or measure the distance between elements on a webpage but don't know how you gonna do it?

Dimensions got ya. With this chrome extension, getting the distance between elements on a webpage is a walk in the park.

8. Pesticide For Chrome

Remember those days when you had to add a red border on that element to see where and how it is positioned on the webpage?

Those days are now over with Pesticide For Chrome. This chrome extension add pesticide CSS to your webpage outlining each element to see how they are being placed on the webpage.

9. Web Developer

This is the most amazing chrome extension developers must have. This extension allows you to style files, validate html and css files, resize images, disable scripts and lots more.

So guys that's it. Hope you enjoyed this simple and short article. Which extension are you using that you find extremely useful and is not listed here? Or have you used one of these extensions before, what's your experience like?

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